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Be Uplifted Inc Says Thanks

As you know, Be Uplifted Inc is a non-profit breast cancer charity dedicated to supporting women and men on a breast cancer journey in practical and financial ways.

And we have a huge thank you to supporters Debbie Wark and Trish Zale for their amazing efforts raising money for our breast cancer charity!


A unique fundraising event

A unique idea of Debbie and Trish, Australia’s Biggest Happy Hour, is an entertaining fundraising concept.

Rather than the traditional morning tea fundraiser, or an afternoon tea event to raise funds for breast cancer, Debbie and Trish’s fundraising has morphed into a “Happy Hour” evening catch up over cocktails.

Over the last 18 years, these two inspirational women have honed their hostess skill to deliver a dynamic private fundraising function that is effective at raising money.

This year, Debbie and Trish welcomed 55 guests to their event, Australia’s Biggest Happy Hour, and despite the chilly winter weather were able to donate an impressive $2,000 was donated to Be Uplifted Inc.

What an effort!

The biggest contributors to the total were two auctioned artworks:

An oil painting by Linda Zucco, a local artist recognized for her bold and edgy oil paintings of urban life.

A framed watercolour artwork from Di Cox, a Brisbane artist who specialises in creating ethereal translucency and depth using watercolour.


Oil painting by Linda Zucco

Framed watercolour artwork from Di Cox

Framed watercolour artwork from Di Cox


How did they do it? Fundraising tips from the experts!

  • Each year the event is hosted at an alternative location. The fundraising pair alternate between their homes to share the burden
  • Guests are charged an entrance fee to enjoy the evening
  • For maximum profit, the night included auctions and other effective money-raising tools such as raffles
  • There were valuable, coveted, big tickets items in the auction, including two stunning artworks
  • With auctions, and raffles as part of the night of fundraising, guests were motivated to continue to donate
A sample of the great prizes on offer to guests

A sample of the great prizes on offer to guests


Personal motivation

Hosts Debbie and Trish both have a personal connection with cancer.

Debbie sadly lost her dad to cancer in 1999, and Trish herself is a cancer survivor, having bravely battled a diagnosis with bowel cancer.

Both women have also been touched by breast cancer, with friends recently affected by a breast cancer diagnosis.

Be Uplifted Inc is extremely grateful for the donation of $2,000 that was received after Debbie and Trish’s Australia’s Biggest Happy Hour.


Fundraising for Be Uplifted Inc

As a purely self-funded, non-profit charity, Be Uplifted Inc is only able to assist local breast cancer patients because of generous donations and community fundraising. This is why the fundraising efforts of Debbie and Trish, and the wonderful generosity of the guests at their event, mean so much to us.

Because of the very special funds that they have raised, Be Uplifted Inc can respond to requests for help from more local breast cancer patients.

A substantial donation of $2,000 means Be Uplifted Inc can offer more of our unique patient services to local Brisbane breast cancer patients who need our help. You can read how we help breast cancer patients here.


Want to get involved?

If you are interested in raising money for local breast cancer patients there are many ways you can assist us!

Every dollar helps us help more breast cancer patients, and we guarantee that all money raised is used to help a breast cancer patients and their families, never to pay for administrative costs.

If you would like to hold your own fundraiser event for Be Uplifted Inc, we would love to hear from you!

Contact us today to talk to our volunteers about how we can help you help local breast cancer patients.