Be Uplifted Inc Breast Cancer Patient Services

Be Uplifted Inc offers many services to support local women, men and their families during their breast cancer journey. These are answers to frequently asked questions about how Be Uplifted Inc can assist breast cancer patients during their journey.

How Do You Help Breast Cancer Patients?

Be Uplifted Inc provides support and assistance to breast cancer patients during the period of breast cancer diagnosis and treatment.

We are not doctors or nurses, we are volunteers who are dedicated to helping others in times of need. A great majority of our volunteers have personally experienced breast cancer, or travelled the journey with a family member or close friend and understand the very unique demands of breast cancer.

We offer support on an ‘as needs’ basis, and our support services include practical, emotional and financial assistance, for example:

  • Giving a woman losing her hair due to chemotherapy treatment a free haircut
  • Distributing drain bags to local hospitals for patients to use after mastectomy and lumpectomy surgery
  • Delivering our “We Care” Hampers to breast cancer patients (these include necessities such as cancer caps and toiletry items plus small special gifts like candles) so they feel pampered and remembered
  • Offering free counseling services for families or individuals affected by a breast cancer diagnosis
  • Paying everyday household expenses including electricity, telephone, car registration when a person affected by breast cancer is unable to do so
  • Providing nutritious food parcels to breast cancer patients who are unable to shop (or who cannot afford to buy these items themselves)
  • Paying medical expenses such as oncology bills, medications, oxygen tanks and necessary medical tests (such as MRI and scans)
  • Arranging transport to and from medical appointments and chemotherapy and radiation
  • Covering school fees and school expenses when a person receiving treatment cannot

What Hospitals Do Be Uplifted Inc Visit?

Be Uplifted Inc currently services these following hospitals on the northside of Brisbane:

  • St. Vincent’s Private Hospital Northside
  • North West Private Hospital
  • Redcliffe Hospital
  • Caboolture Private Hospital
  • Caboolture Hospital
  • North Lakes Icon Cancer Centre
  • Princes Charles

How Can I Get Help From Be Uplifted Inc?

Our breast cancer charity works on a referral system. Please click here for more information.

I Am A Newly Diagnosed Breast Cancer Patient That Lives Outside Queensland. Can You Help Me?


Unfortunately due to our funding we are only able to provide support to breast cancer patients on the Brisbane north side. Please look in our resources section for information about breast cancer, or for a local charity group that may be able to offer you assistance.

Fundraising For Be Uplifted Inc


As a purely self-funded, non-profit charity, Be Uplifted Inc is only able to assist as many breast cancer patients as we have the funds to help. This is why fundraising is so important to us.

How Does Be Uplifted Inc Raise Money To Help Breast Cancer Patients?

All the money we raise goes directly back into the patient services we offer. Money received from fundraising is not spent on administrative costs of our nonprofit organisation. Which means every extra dollar we raise is an extra dollar we can use to help a breast cancer patient and their family.

As a breast cancer charity registered with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission, Be Uplifted Inc is obliged to be transparent and accountable for its fundraising activity. You can read more about the role of the Commission here.

Can I Help Fundraise For Be Uplifted Inc?

Yes! Every dollar helps us help more breast cancer patients.
If you are interested in raising money for local breast cancer patients there are many ways you can assist us!

We are always happy to hear from people that want to help us help others.

How Is Be Uplifted Inc Different From Other Breast Cancer Charities And Non – Profit Organisations?

We are a breast cancer charity that is focused on people, not research. Although we recognise that the fantastic gains in medical research allow so many breast cancer patients to survive their diagnosis and treatment, we also recognise that many women, men and their families on a breast cancer journey need love and support. And that is what Be Uplifted Inc provides.

There are no rules to fighting cancer. We work at a grassroots level to care for those breast cancer patients who need an extra helping hand when they are navigating their way through a very traumatic time.

Volunteering With Be Uplifted Inc

Our breast cancer charity is always on the lookout for special people in the community who are willing to share their time, skills and experiences to help us make a difference in the lives of breast cancer patients.

Our volunteers use their skills in the many different roles available in our charity, and we always love to hear from anyone who wants to donate their time to skills in our organisation.

Whether you have trade, professional skills, administrative trade or with craft, your own unique abilities, or can lend a hand helping Be Uplifted Inc raise our profile in the community, assisting at our charity fundraising events, we look forward to hearing from you.

If you can give at least a couple of hours a week and are on the north side of Brisbane, please complete our online registration form.

Can I Volunteer To Work In Your Op Shops?

Yes. We are always happy to hear from local Brisbane residents who are interested in retail and assisting the local community at our charity Op Shops.  Our Be Uplifted Charity Op Shops are located at Boondall and Strathpine.

We provide full training and a happy and supportive work environment.

How Do I Volunteer?

Be Uplifted Inc has an online volunteer form that you can fill out.

This form goes directly to our Management Team.

To register your interest please complete our online volunteer form.

Questions About Be Uplifted Inc Op Shops

Be Uplifted Inc operates two charity Op Shops: Strathpine and Boondall. Our Op Shops raise money to help breast cancer patients in north Brisbane. Donations received with thanks all year round! Please drop off your donations at our Boondall store during opening hours.

When Are Your Breast Cancer Charity Shops Open?

Our Charity shop is staffed entirely by volunteers and provide essential funding for our services for breast cancer patients and their families.

Our Be Uplifted Inc Op Shops are open all year round midweek 9am till 4pm and Saturday 9am till 2pm.

What Does The Be Uplifted Op Shop Sell?

Our breast cancer Op Shops sell:

  • quality secondhand clothing for the whole family
  • toys and nursery items
  • bric a brac
  • household items
  • craft made by our volunteers
  • succulents and potted plants
  • Handmade quilts, pet blankets, microwave bowl cosies, bags
  • Handmade greeting cards
  • breast cancer merchandise

Can I Donate To Your Breast Cancer Charity Shop?

Yes! We appreciate any donations of clean, quality clothing and resellable household items such as blankets, crockery, toys, homewares.

Please take your donations to our Boondall Headquarters and Op Shop at  B1 / 194 Zillmere Road, Boondall during opening hours for our volunteers to sort.

Information About Breast Cancer

Where Can I Get Information On Breast Cancer?

To find out all about breast cancer, please see our resources section. While we have some information about breast cancer available, we also provide helpful links.

You can also download a free copy of our breast cancer information guide from our online store.

How Do I Do Check My Breasts For Breast Cancer?

It is important to complete a self breast examination at least once a month. Read more about this here. For more information on breast screening, click here.

Queensland visitors can go to Breast Screen Queensland also.

I Think I Have Breast Cancer. What Should I Do?

See you doctor immediately if you are concerned about a change in your breasts, or lump in your breast that may be a warning sign of breast cancer.

We Love Volunteers!

Join our team of Volunteers. Be Uplifted Inc relies on our wonderful team of dedicated volunteers, and our work is limited only by the funds we
raise. Help us be uplifting to others in Brisbane on a breast cancer journey.

Best Selling Products

Boondall Location

All donations from our Brisbane community received with thanks during opening hours at both Op Shop locations.

Strathpine Location

All donations from our Brisbane community received with thanks during opening hours at both Op Shop locations.

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