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Help for cancer patients

Be Uplifted Inc came into existence as a consequence of two friends walking their own breast cancer journeys. You can read our charity’s history here.

Because of our history, Be Uplifted Inc focuses on the costs of breast cancer.

We all know fellow workers, family members or friends who have walked their own breast cancer journey or are facing it even now.

In recent years there have been a number of charities formed connected to breast cancer and many companies contribute to their nation-wide appeals. However, the majority of these groups focus on research or patient care with minimal assistance being given towards the ‘costs’ encountered. At Be Uplifted Inc our volunteer-based charity fundraises to help breast cancer patients.

Our breast cancer charity operates predominantly on the north side of Brisbane, never turning away an applicant requesting support or assistance, and we are only limited in the support we can provide by the funds we currently have available.


We are volunteers

Be Uplifted Inc charity is made up of wonderful volunteers dedicated to supporting women and men on a breast cancer journey.

A group of about 70 volunteers dedicate themselves to fundraising, applying for grants, soliciting donations and doing whatever it takes to assist others meet the costs of our recipients that are on this breast cancer journey.

Being run by volunteers, Be Uplifted Inc has very small overhead expenses. We are supported greatly by our local community in regards to our administrative overheads and expenses. This includes our regular fundraising sausage sizzles at Bunnings Carseldine. This fundraising enables our charity to pay our rent and bills including electricity and insurances. So a BIG thank you must go out to Bunnings at Carseldine and their team!


How we help

All of the services and patient programs we offer are aimed at alleviating the unique difficulties or disadvantage faced by breast cancer patients and their families.

The following are some of the support services that Be Uplifted Inc offers to women, men and their families.

We provide a variety of free support services including:

Every December, Be Uplifted Inc visits the oncology wards of partner hospitals and delivers Christmas hampers to breast cancer patients.

As well as our regular support services, we offer individual financial assistance and help pay for very practical everyday items like medications, medical tests, food, electricity and phone bills, so that families can still be in touch and supportive even if it’s from a long distance.


Our fundraising activities

In order to assist as many breast cancer patients as possible, the team of volunteers at Be Uplifted Inc host fundraising events and activities all year round.

View our current events or download Be Uplifted Inc’s event’s calendar.

Our breast cancer fundraising events include:

  • Annual Gala Ball
  • Theatre and Movie Events
  • High Teas
  • Cent Auctions
  • Trivia Nights
  • Dinner Events
  • Community stalls in local shopping centres
  • Warehouse Shopping Tours
  • Placing donation boxes in various cafes and bars
  • Orchid Society show at Mt Cootha
  • Christmas Gift Wrapping Stalls at local shopping centres
  • Sausage sizzles at Bunnings at Carseldine


Because we have limited overheads that we pay for independently, our breast cancer charity guarantees that when you donate to us, 100% of your donation will go back to the families that are on a breast cancer journey.

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