Be Uplifted Inc volunteers create crocheted breast prostheses for breast cancer patients in a cup sizes A to G. These external breast prostheses provide the look and shape of a breast and are free to breast cancer survivors and breast cancer patients.

Crocheted Knockers are a comfortable option for women who have undergone a single or bilateral mastectomy or other breast cancer-related procedures (such as a lumpectomy) and want to fill the gap in their chest.

These can be used as temporary prostheses while scars are healing or as a long-term solution for women who cannot afford expensive permanent silicone prostheses which can cost up to $500 each.

Many women find permanent silicone prostheses are heavy and can be uncomfortable to wear. They are not suitable for swimming.

Our soft prostheses are light, cool and comfortable to wear and are a wonderful alternative for women who cannot afford to purchase permanent prostheses or who do not like to wear heavy prostheses. They create symmetry in the chest without the burden of hot, heavy silicone.

At Be Uplifted Inc a small team of talented and enthusiastic volunteers crochet soft and comfortable breast prostheses in cup sizes A to G. And they struggle to keep up with demand!

Getting Your Free Crocheted Knockers

The provision of Crocheted Knockers is part of Be Uplifted Inc’s free services that our charity offers to breast cancer patients and breast cancer survivors.

You can get our free soft crocheted breast protheses at our shopping centre stalls, from one of our Charity Op Shops or you can order our crocheted knockers online.

Helping Us Create Our Crocheted Knockers

Our crocheted breast prostheses are always in great demand.

If you are talented with a crochet hook and would like to join our team of volunteers and help us create more of our much loved Crocheted Knockers, your crafty skills would be greatly appreciated.

Please click here to order your own free copy of Be Uplifted Inc’s crochet pattern and instructions on how to crochet these soft prostheses.

We Love Volunteers!

Join our team of Volunteers. Be Uplifted Inc relies on our wonderful team of dedicated volunteers, and our work is limited only by the funds we
raise. Help us be uplifting to others in Brisbane on a breast cancer journey.

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Boondall Location

All donations from our Brisbane community received with thanks during opening hours at both Op Shop locations.

Strathpine Location

All donations from our Brisbane community received with thanks during opening hours at both Op Shop locations.

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    About Us

    Be Uplifted Inc Breast Cancer Charity is registered as a charity with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission ABN 49 270 645 534. We are a Brisbane volunteer run breast cancer non-profit charity fundraising to provide to local breast cancer patients and breast cancer survivors and their families with practical care and financial assistance during breast cancer treatment. All donations our Brisbane charity receives and profits from the Be Uplifted Inc Op Shops at Strathpine and Boondall go directly to making a difference in the lives of local Brisbane breast cancer patients.

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