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The Benefits Of Volunteering

Everyone loves to feel good about themselves, and for those who like the good feeling of helping others, volunteering has so many benefits.

Volunteering Australia says that ‘volunteering is time willingly given for the common good and without financial gain’.

For those thinking about volunteering with our breast cancer charity, or those volunteers who are wondering why being a volunteer always leaves them with such a good feeling, we are sharing some facts about volunteering.

Australian Bureau Statistics show that just over a third of Australians – 36% – put their hand up to be a volunteer.

Why do so many of us give up our time to help others? It may be because 96% of volunteers say that by volunteering “makes people happier”.

Personal satisfaction is definitely a big reason people volunteer. Studies show that volunteers enjoy greater satisfaction with their life. In fact, a huge 82% of volunteers state they are delighted, pleased or mostly satisfied with their life compared to 75% of non-volunteers. What a difference!

And volunteers don’t just help the non-profit organisation they choose to give their time to. By helping others, volunteers enjoy many health benefits.

It’s true! Studies show that becoming a volunteer is good for your health and well-being.

Just a few hours of volunteer work with a non-profit organisation or charity like Be Uplifted Inc can make a marked difference to personal happiness and mood.

Longtime volunteers also exhibit emotional kindness and compassion by involvement in community charities like Be Uplifted Inc, and are known to have improved mental health and well-being – and that means a longer, happier life.


Do these facts get you motivated to volunteer?

Are you interested in finding out more about how volunteers at Be Uplifted Inc help breast cancer patients? Read about the exciting fundraising programs the Be Uplifted volunteers organise.

For those who are keen to lend a hand in our breast cancer charity, and enjoy the benefits of volunteering, sign up to help today.