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Our Plastic Bag Alternative

One thing we love at Be Uplifted Inc is the creativity of our crafty volunteers.

Our team of volunteers uses gorgeous fabric to create beautiful drain bags for breast cancer patients to use after their breast cancer surgery.

Our drain bags and matching pillow are much appreciated by breast cancer patients who are recovering from a lumpectomy or mastectomy and are sent home still with their surgery drains still in. Using a drain bag makes carrying around these surgical more comfortable and convenient.

You can read more about our Drain Bags here.

But our volunteers make so much more than just drain bags. They create lovely, sturdy reusable carry bags perfect for shopping.


Queensland’s Plastic Bag Ban Starts Soon!

In order to reduce little and plastic pollution, plus protect wildlife, the Queensland Government is banning plastic bags.

A strict ban is being introduced from 1 July 2018 to protect Queensland’s unique environment and wildlife.


What does the plastic bag ban mean?

From 1 July 2018 lightweight single-use supermarket style plastic shopping bags will be banned

  • Stores can still supply heavy-duty plastic bags or paper bags
  • Shoppers can still use heavy-duty “green” reusable bags or bring their own bags such as hessian, string or cotton bags
  • Shoppers can use their own trolley as an alternative to shopping bags


Why is the ban happening?

The Queensland Government is getting serious about the impact that plastic bags are having on the environment.

They estimate that about 16 million (or the size of 96 small cars!) plastic shopping bags end up in landfill in Queensland every year.

Plus, there is the environmental damage caused by single-use plastic bags, especially on our marine life when they get into our waterways and animals like sea turtles and sea birds swallow the bags or get tangled up in them.

The impacts of plastic pollution on our environment and are a very real concern to the Queensland Government and the community.
It is estimated that close to one billion single-use lightweight plastic shopping bags are used in Queensland each year.

Read this factsheet for more information.


Be Uplifted Inc’s Solution

We have a solution.

Our volunteers create a gorgeous range of reusable shopping bags. These are a cost-effective way to ensure you are reducing the amount of waste you are creating and also carry a stylish bag while you shop!

As well as the environmental benefit, when your shopping and carry bags are purchased at Be Uplifted Inc Op Shops you know that your purchase is helping local breast cancer patients. As a charity op shop, your purchase means that Be Uplifted Inc can continue to assist local breast cancer patients who are disadvantaged by a breast cancer diagnosis.